A recent popularity poll of Epicland’s current leader [Jerome Cosgrove] has revealed an overall negative opinion. Cosgrove has been head of the dictatorship in Epicland since his rise to power 15 years ago. He had originally promised prosperity for all the citizens of Epicland. However, it became apparent that he wasn’t going to follow through with these plans. As the country fell, it became rampant with civil wars.

Epicland is in dire need of aid, but Katropolis refuses to help. This could be derived from Katropolis’ own failing status. Although Katropolis wears a facade of prosperity, the reality is that Katropolis is almost doing as bad as Epicland.

Day 2 [6.15.2013]

Katropolis Laws

Officials of Katropolis have sparked tension between themselves and their neighboring country, Epicland. Katropolis had just declared that any immigration from Epicland is to be minimal and the standard procedure to become a Katropolis citizen would take 2-3 years. 

Epicland, the war-torn country, has not released an official statement regarding this new immigration law but citizens of Epicland have displayed exceedingly high hostility levels toward this new movement. 

6.14.2013. IT HAS BEGUN.